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Can R&D Center, established with the aim of meeting the official identity of our R&D activities we have been doing for many years, continues to carry out R&D activities with approval by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 25/05/2017.

Can R&D Center is located in the factory area of Can Tekstil Entegre Tesisleri ve Tarım Ürünleri San. Tic. A.Ş. and continues its activities in 1422 m². Our R&D Center, which operates in textile, agriculture and energy fields, carries out equity capital projects in the current situation and aims to carry out projects with external support in the future. In our R&D Center design and product development, process and technology development, machinery-equipment development, energy efficiency, environment and waste management activities are conducted.

Can R&D Center currently has 1 registered patent and 2 patent applications, 16 registered trademarks and 2 trademark applications, 10 design trademarks.

Can R&D Center was awarded with “Firms were Eligible to Enter the Innovation League” award in IX. International R&D Brokerage Event in Textile and Cloting Sector organized in Bursa on 27-28 of April, 2017 by Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

To provide participation of our employees in the development of innovative ideas and projects, to contribute to the development of university-industry collaboration with approaches to shed light on the future in the company, to pass to the commercialization process of technology, to present studies on registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights with knowledge and technology-based approaches and effective methods.

Can R & D Center’s biggest target is being an R&D Center that creates differences in its sector in the world and transforms it into the added value by combining its industry experience, innovative approach, scientific and technological know-how with domestic and international projects to be superior to international competitors of our country and being a leading company in the field of innovation and technology transfer which will increase the speed of development of our company and country.

R&D Strategies
• Increasing University-Industry collabration,
• Increasing the number of R&D projects,
• Increasing the number of R&D personnel and their education level, increasing the number of researchers with postgraduate degrees,
• Increasing the number of intellectual and industrial property rights,
• Increasing the number of academic publications,
• Increasing the participation in scientific activities,
• Increasing the collabration with other domestic and foreign R&D centers and companies.

Address: Can Tekstil Entegre Tesisleri ve Tarım Ürünleri San. Tic. A.Ş. R&D Center Ergene 2 OSB D-100 Karayolu No: 45/1 59870 Ergene/TEKİRDAĞ-TURKEY
Phone : +90 (282) 655 53 33 (pbx)
Fax : +90 (282) 655 53 37
e-mail : canargemerkezi@cantekstil.com.tr