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our family

Our story of success that began as small firm at 1985, continued as a big family with an expanded well-educated human resource of 1.200 employees. We believe that the key source of our success in the past and our guarantee for the future is “qualified human resources”. With this belief since its inception company invested in its human resources at most and this concept is valid at all phases of the employment starting from the recruitment of our staff.

With the surveys that we have done for sustainable content of our employees and for the aim of being a part of the company for employees and with the feedback that we have taken from our employees, we set goals to move forward.

Our goal as HR is to retain the right person to the right place where employee and the company can meet with success and to support employees in the needed areas with the educational and developmental activities so being strategic partner.

To Be a Member of Can Tekstil

One of the factor on Can Tekstil’s success level is that qualified and young employees.We are; to be a member of Can Tekstil:
• We are conscious about presenting our company with not only knowledge and experience, also our behaviour, speaking and appearance
• We are willing to get responsibilities, and act to this responsibilities with conscious and discipline. We struggle to make our job with high quality and on time.
• We are conscious about team work importance to achieve our goal.
• We search the way of continue success and development
• All team worker relationship based on trust and respect.

social benefits

We provide all our employees with lunch and bus services, and housing for white-collar workers. We have an ambulance and paramedics team running 24 hours in our company.Personnel can play table tennis, pool, and backgammon in the social premises. We organise social and cultural activities for the personnel like excursions, theatre and concert activities and football, volleyball, and bowling tournaments.

training opportunity

To achieve your goals and first and important step for the professional life Can Tekstil is ready to help you. During the training period, the performance you have to be a member of Can Tekstil can easily open the doors after graduation.

WINTER TRAINING : Students of vocational high school can intern during fall and spring semester. However according to the decision of Ministry of National Education it can be only taken intern from the schools arranged by the agreement so applications for internship should be done by the office of school principles.

SUMMER TRAINING : University students can do compulsory internship at our company. Till the end of March, on the web-site www.kariyer.net , you can apply for trainee for summer term training.

APPLICATION REQUREMENTS: : 1. It is not confirm voluntary interns, it declared by the school that the internship is compulsory.
2. Insurance is made by “the school”.
3. Only the applications made on internet are approved.


We organize education programs for our staff’s permanent satisfaction and development avocationally by setting out with “human creates the difference” approach; and always aim to contribute to their development with technical, personal growth and management systems education we did as internally and externally sourced.

join to our family

You are the candidate that we are looking for if,

• You have the cultural background to represent our company.
• You are reliable, social, creative, ambitious, hardworking, and responsible.
• You believe that the best investment is your expertise.
• You can keep your high performance.

You can have a long future within Can Tekstil family that has a noble past in Turkish Textile industry. You are not going to be just a new employee for us. We are going to consider you as a prospective manager.

Please connect ik@cantekstil.com.tr to sent your CV.