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Sweat absorbent, water & oil repellent, breathable fabrics by Can Tekstil. No sweat stains!

Nano-Hybrid Technology

Revolutionary Nano-Hybrid coated fabrics meet with fashion. Sweating is an extremely natural physiological event and our bodies sweat to adjust the body temperature and remove harmful toxins. People, who sweat during the day due to different factors such as physical activities, ambient temperature, humidity, stress, genetics and feel uncomfortable becouse of sweat stains in their suits.
Developed with a special nano-hybrid material application, the result of the R&D studies show that this fabric has multifunctional features that are breathable, internally sweat absorbent, externally no sweat stains and water &oil repellent. Wearing these fabrics will give your body a sense of comfort and luxury that will last all day long.



Please contact to our sales team to get more info and sample fabrics from ”Revolutionist” collection. marketing@cantekstil.com.tr