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Our Mission
A company that produces new generation fabrics with fashionable effects, offers the quality and comfort together, sensitive to people and environment during production, aims the perfection in every step of the process, gives importance to the concept of “human first” and in this way improves itself systematically.

Our Vision
By 2025, to make the “CAN” brand a leader in textile sector by being the most successful, precious company and catching the continuity and profitability in this close geography.

Our Principles
• To approach respectful and friendly to all our customers and employees.
• To be a company leading the fashion instead of following it.
• To be a preferred textile company in the world of textile.
• To develop our production technologies and management systems consistently.
•o be an environmental friendly company.
• To be a company that increases the life standards of our employees.

Our Policy
1. To implement and continuously improve management system standards.
2. To do the right at the first attempt and every time in all our activities.
3. To comply with legislations and other liabilities.
4. To perpetuate customer satisfaction by offering the product and service that meets customer appreciation and demands.
5. To provide teamwork with the participation of our employees and accurate exchange of information.
6. To train our employees by following the technological innovations and to increase their competencies and awareness.
7. To take under control the effects of our activities on environment and human health.
8. To improve awareness of our employees’ and shareholders’ quality & environmet & occupational health and energy efficiency.
9. To reduce waste and prevent pollution by using our natural resources conciously and effectively.
10. To ensure sustainability of the healthy and safe working environment.
11. To update the risks and to take precautions to reduce the possible accidents.
12. To reduce energy costs and conserve energy use in order to increase energy efficiency.

Company Ethics
• To be a reliable and a sound company for all our customers, suppliers and employees.
• Comply with all laws and regulations.
• As being the most important investment, we should support our employees to develop themselves and to create better work areas
• To be a company that believes in sharing the knowledge and the democracy respectful to the human rights and freedom and that gives importance to the universal knowledge and to the way of getting, cumulating and using it.
• To be a company who believes in sharing the knowledge and the democracy, which is respectful to the human rights and freedom.

Management Systems
Can Tekstil continues its studies consistently on management systems and production techniques as to be one step ahead from its competitors in the textile sector.
• Can Tekstil is one of the first companies at textile sector who has been certified with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 1995.
• In 1996, Can Tekstil has been certified with ECO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate as a proof of environmental and human friendly production and still ensures this with annual checks.
• In 1997, Can Tekstil was the first company in its sector certified with TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
• In 2004, as a result of its pioneer studies, Can Tekstil has been honored with TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate as the first textile company in its sector.
• In 2008, to export Russian market Can Tekstil has been certified with GOST-R that is the reasonably circumstance to export
• Can Tekstil passes successfully all of the Social Accountability evaluation process, which many companies all over the world have, and this raises trustworthiness with our customers.
• In 2015, Can Tekstil has been certified with TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard and supports our country on energy efficiency.

Social Responsibility Policy
Our company; having adopted “PEOPLE FIRST” philosophy in every stage of production, service and management commits itself to implement, maintain and continully improve all activities under a framework of management system with the following;

Child Labour: Not to employ any worker under the age of 18 and act in accordance with the laws of child and young labour employment
Forced and Compulsory Labour: Not to employ any worker by force and with deposits/financial guarantees and to employ all our workers voluntarily in appropriate positions under equal conditions
Occupational Health and Safety: To adopt a proactive approach based on risk analysis, to ensure that all employees are actively participating in implementation of health and safety procedures and to give priority to the general health of employees
Freedom of Association: To respect the right of employees to bargain through their authorized union
Discrimination: Not to employ workers according to their race, colour, language, religion, ethnical background, pregnancy, marital status or gender but to employ according to the skills required to perform the job
Diciplinary Practices / Harassment and Abuse/Mobbing: Behave respectfully to the personality of all the employees and not to implement any corporal punishments, not to let verbal, physical or psychological coercion or harassment of any kind
Working Hours: To comply with laws and regulations controlling working hours and seek consensus of the worker for overtime
Compensation and Benefits: To respect normal or overtime working wages and social benefits described in laws, regulations or in collective bargaining agreement
Protection of Environment: To follow the current environment laws and to prevent environmental pollution based on environmental aspect & impact analysis, reduce pollution at source
Legal Laws and Regulations Compliance: To implement all activities according to current laws®ulations, our customers’ business partnership rules and to the management system standards
Education: To ensure the improvement of employees by organizing occupational health&safety, protection of environment, professional and personal improvement support educations with the logic of the education level of employees determines the general level of a company.Thus to provide the continual development of our company
Supplier / Sub-contractor Relations: To evaluate social compliance activities of its suppliers, to monitor evaluation results with action plans and gradually increase their social compliance level.
Prevention of Bribery: Not to accept or request any gift or payment for profit from any of the employees or sub-contactors.