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R & D

The main reason behind our strength and commitment to make a difference in the sector is definitely our young, dynamic, innovative team at R&D. Our collections of fabrics are developed two years in advance by these young innovators. We support our team with internationally acclaimed consultants of fashion and they turn this knowledge and customer insight into much appreciated creative designs. This team creates 2 collections one for Autumn/Winter and another for Spring/Summer every year. Art, technology and innovation are turned into one of a kind fabrics and presented to our current and potential customers with the support of our marketing team at the important industry affairs like Tissu Premier, Munich Fabric Start, Premier Vision, Turkish Textile Show. Moreover with the support of our marketing department, private customer meetings and shows are arranged to present our collection and production capabilities. Our R&D does not just create and design fabrics but also new type of threads and yarns. The journey of our innovative fabrics starts with discussing, sharing and envisioning new trends and methods for production with top of the notch experts, designers and producers globally. Following this our innovative R&D team focuses on designing a new a single yarn. And this constructive approach is utilized to weave our uniquely designed fabrics. Finally the journey of a single yarns end up as an awesome fabric ready to be dyed at our facilities’s Dying & Apre premises. Only the desirable, innovative and attractive fabrics and designs can make it to the dying phase. Because the mission we set for ourselves is ‘Being a step forward in our sector’ in the design of outerwear fabric which we are proud to achieve through our continious effort of our R&D team.


• Can Tekstil first production step is equipped with ring spinning technology has the capacity to supply all the yarn needed for the weaving process.
• Production line technology is consistently developed by attending to international machinery fairs.
•The fibre, which is the most important input of our production process, gets its yarn shape as the first step of a fabric formation.
• As it is thought that the quality of the fabric should be on the strong basis, Can Tekstil is very sensitive on the fibre purchasing process.Also Can Tekstil has been certified with ECO-TEX Standard 100 Certificate on all the fibre types used for the process, as the proof of our quality. Can Tekstil can also show the value and the sensibility to the environment and human not only on fibre but all the other materials as well.


The weaving mill, which has started its production in 1989, is equipped with rapier and air jet looms and these has capacity to weave men’s & women’s outerwear fabrics in different compositions such as: Polyester, Polyamide, VISCOSE, Polyester / Viskon, Tencel, Lycra / Polyester / VISCOSE, Melange, Mechanical strech, Tencel / Linen, Viscose / Linen, Polyester / Viscose / Linen, Tencel / Polyester, Polyamide / Viscose


In the dyeing & finishing mill, which has been added to production in 1993, piece dyeing and yarn dyeing can be done with HT type machines. The fabric gets its last shape, handle and appearance before it is sent to the customers.


The co-generation system, which uses natural gas as energy and has the capacity to supply all the energy (electricity and steam), needed for the production, has been taken into action in 1996.Also all the waste treatment systems and energy recycling systems are under this co-generation structure.




After weaving process, the greige fabric 100% controlled and all the defects are marked on computer, it is sent to for the dyeing & finishing process. All finished fabric is also 100% controlled by taking into consideration the customer demands and criteria’s.